Something I left out in last week’s message is the relationship between procrastination and perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually a manifestation of anxiety, extreme discomfort with the unknown.

Many writers feel uncertain about the quality of their work. You want to know if your writing is any good.

Here’s the thing about chasing good. It’s a judgment. If the writing isn’t good, it must be bad.

Rather than get caught in the old dualistic thinking, ask a different question.

Ask yourself, am I writing my truth? Ask yourself, how can I get out of the way so I can write my truth, even if it comes out messy?

You might also try this. When you sit down to write, at the top of the page or on an index card, write the following:


See what unfolds from there.

One final note. Some days you’ll hit truth. Other days old patterns of mind get in the way. No matter. Keep going. Continue to arrive at the page with an open mind and open heart. And allow yourself be wildly imperfect.