This is for anyone who was ever told that their way of writing or creating wouldn’t work.

For anyone who ever believed the promise of the magic book writing formula or the perfect movie plot or that getting into a particular school would guarantee success.

For anyone who was told there was one set of rules.

Or that that kind of book/movie/painting would not sell.

This is for anyone who has lost their inner compass because they were told it was taking them off the well-trod path.

If I know one thing about creative work, it is this:

The most important skill to develop is trust in your inner knowing.

Trust in yourself, in your own process, in your personal compass.

I’m not saying don’t take classes or listen to editors or learn something about craft.

Do all of those things, then use only what feels true to you.

If you feel yourself struggling over well-meaning advise, walk away the conflict.

Get out of your head and into your heart.

Ask your heart what is right for you.

You might get an answer immediately or it might take a few days, but you’ll know when you have the answer because it won’t come from thinking about it.

Tell me right here, right now, what is in your heart to create?

Not what you think you should do, but your deepest creative desire.