Tear Up the Rulebook:

Writing in the New Paradigm

A Three-Day Workshop to Reimagine the Creative Process
and Reclaim Your Inner Authority

May 3-5, 2024
10 am – 5 pm, CDT

What might be possible if you let go of the rules,
Everything you’ve been told that a writer should do?
What if instead of writing what you know,
You dared to write what you deeply know?

Too often, writers are run by rules.
Some you can easily name, because
They have been handed down by teachers.

Others you are unaware of.
They come through the culture
And through families of origin.

They sneak in as stray thoughts and stir up fear.

Fear of being criticized.
Fear of being wrong – or doing it wrong.
Fear of being in the spotlight.
Fear of taking up space.
Fear of offending.
Fear of being found out.

Fear is like a clamp on the wrist of your writing hand.

You’re so busy thinking about how things will end up,
You never begin.
Or you simply stop,
Unaware of what’s blocking you.

Ancient Portal
Ancient Portal

It can be hard to tell the Truth
When it flies in the face of
Everything you’ve been taught or told.
In your profession,
In your community,
In your family.

I’m Saundra Goldman and I understand the fear of speaking unpopular Truths.

I face it every day in the memoir I’m writing about parenting a child with mental illness. In pointing out the gaping holes in mental healthcare, I fear I will offend every professional that’s been of service to our family. In ascribing mental illness to ancestral DNA and calling out parents to heal on behalf of their lineage, I wonder if those parents will think I’m nuts.

But I’m writing the book anyway.

Ancient Portal

You know that announcement they make in the airport for the TSA, If you see something, say something? I aspire to live by that premise, and to write by it. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel afraid. But I’m more afraid of the status quo.

What happens if we don’t say what we see? If we just let it slide?

If I’m honest, simply by sharing my perspective on writing and storytelling for the new millennium, I’m taking a risk. I’m contradicting almost everything I’ve been taught by the most wonderful teachers and coaches a writer could hope for.

Not because they were wrong, but because we are undergoing a paradigm shift, a higher level of awareness of what drives our behavior – from ancestral DNA to a quantum understanding of reality.

How we write must change accordingly.

Focusing on the rules of writing keeps you from digging beneath the surface of your subject, from seeking and speaking a greater Truth.
Whether you are dogged by the rules of writing or
by the rules of what is proper and improper to speak of,
I invite you to set that all aside for three days and
open to a greater possibility for your work.

To stand bravely in who you are and
What you came here to write.
To tell the Truth you know in your heart and mind.
The Truth you must risk for the your well-being,
For the well-being of your readers, and
For the well-being of this beautiful planet we live on.

For three days,
Set the to-do and should-do lists aside
And start to write by your own compass.
Driven not by guilt, but by Divine guidance.


Day One:
Four Levels of Consciousness in Writing.

Learn the different stages of any writing project. Tap into new levels of awareness about why you write and to what purpose.

Day Two:
The Triangle of

Shows us how to partner with the Universe to bring into being the book (or essay or poem or blog series) that knows what it wants to be.

Day Three:
The Narrator Needs to Heal.

If you want your work to have impact, you cannot publish in the same energy as the struggle that prompted you to write. To heal our planet as a writer, the narrator needs to heal first.

Every day, we’ll have time to write, reflect, and share.

Tear Up the Rulebook: Writing in the New Paradigm is for you if:
  • You feel stuck in figuring out a structure or story arc.
  • You feel frustrated by the parameters for writing you’ve been presented with.
  • You feel called to write about a certain subject, but fear you will be criticized for your rogue ideas.
  • You care deeply about the Truth.
Tear Up the Rulebook: Writing in the New Paradigm is not for you if:
  • You feel satisfied with writing within conventional parameters.
  • You’d rather not risk the Truth for the sake of saving face.
  • You prefer to feel stuck to stepping into a greater possibility for your writing and your life.

What if your writing blocks had nothing to do with you?

What if the obstacles pointed to
the limits of writing as we know it?

Working with Saundra helped me to develop a clear voice, and most importantly, to trust that voice. I learned, beyond writing and reading, how to explore the energy behind my writing. I learned how to connect to myself first, shift the energy from a stuck to a connected and flowing space, and then let the truth of my words flow from there.

The experience of writing in Saundra’s program changed me. It helped me to feel more connected to myself, what I want, and what is possible for me and my future. I’m so grateful for my mentor and friend Saundra, who holds space so beautifully and through sharing her own gifts, awakens the gifts in us, her clients.

Maryam Roberts

When I began working with Saundra, I was trying to get the writing out of the notebooks to a stage of visibility. Very quickly, I realized that what I had been reaching for beyond myself was all there and available to me in my very being.

Saundra is inspirational, guiding with encouragement, generosity, joy and a sense of wonder. I never felt that I was being instructed to do something in a certain way. What I realized early on was that Saundra was indicating the way to Self. In her program, I gained a sense of confidence, purpose, clarity, possibility, and amazement. The sheer pleasure of writing, rather than a duty or a slog.

I loved the program and would do it again with Saundra tomorrow.

Alastair Smith

The Facts and Figures:

Where: Planet Earth, via Zoom

When: Friday, May 3 through Sunday May 5, 2024

Hours: 10 am – 5 pm CDT

Investment: $299