Over the past few months, I have been engaged in some deep inner work that is changing the way I live and write.

This inquiry is opening new possibilities for the way you and I might work together as well, whether that be through an online program, via one-on-one guidance, or here, heart to heart, through these emails.

Because it feels like a radical shift, I’m waiting to see where things settle and what kind of programs would most benefit you and your work moving forward. 

My intention is to offer support for you to live and write as freely as possible and to help you unblock whatever is holding you back from that. 

In the meantime, I encourage you ask where and why you feel stuck and to bring that inquiry into meditation, into daily walks or dancing or whatever movement you practice, and of course, into your writing. 

Here are a few questions to get you started.


1) Ask yourself what you believe is keeping you from your truest, deepest work.

Begin with the pragmatic, the obvious, the concrete facts of your life, including family, work, bills, etc. Write it all down, every large and small detail. 


2) Let your answers settle and then ask yourself what might be underneath the outer obstacles.

What habits of mind keep you from going deep?

Observe your thoughts throughout the day and how they effect how your feelings and behavior. 

Look especially for excuses, for shoulds, and for our old friend, procrastination.

Again, bring this inquiry into sitting, walking, and writing.


3) Lastly, ask yourself what might be underneath those mental habits, the thoughts that hold you in place.

What have you been avoiding? What are you afraid of? What might be  hidden away in the deeper layers of mind and body?

This level of inquiry takes time and radical honesty. 

Let the questions run through you and wait for the answers. 


When your the deepest truths arise, you will recognize them, whether in a flash on the yoga mat or when you are in the wild weeds of writing practice.

In my own journey, somatic therapy and deep meditation have been catalysts for opening mind and body. But it is writing that is bringing me home.


It is in writing that you discover your deepest truths. In turn, those discoveries allow you to be more truthful in the work you are trying to bring forward. 

In other words, writing continues to be both path and


May you be free of all that has obstructed mind and body.

May truth pour from your pen so that you can share your hard-earned wisdom with a world that needs it.

May you find deep satisfaction in the work ahead.