As an alternative to making New Year’s resolutions, consider making a commitment to daily listening. Consider writing regularly with this topic:


Not what is my purpose, but where body, mind, and spirit are pointing. Write it at the top of the page and then get out of the way. What is the first thing that comes to mind? It might be a hot bath or a walk. It might be noodling with your project. Maybe it’s clearing off your desk. Or writing in the open space of your notebook. Whatever it is, trust it.

Even if you’re skeptical and think you should be doing something else, experiment and do it anyway. If it still feels too loosey goosey, if you have a hard time letting go of thing you think you’re supposed to be doing — digging into that next chapter perhaps– try this question instead:

What do I need to move on with my project?

It may be clearing your head with that walk or writing freely in your notebook for a bit until you land on the next right action. The point of the inquiry is to hone your radar, to be suspended in the unknown for a bit and to listen, not only for what the work needs, but also for what you, the writer, need to get into the open space of creating.

No matter what you resolve to work on this year, finding a way to listen for what’s calling you daily will help you find the next right step in your writing journey.

The daily path home runs directly through the page.