TIME FOR A TIMEOUT: An Afternoon Of Silence, Practice, And Coaching


An Afternoon Of Silence, Practice, And Coaching

I’ve long contended that when we feel stuck in our work, we are in the wrong part of the process. I still believe that, but I’ve also come to believe that failure to connect to our feelings, especially the big scary ones, keeps us running in place. Armor forms around the heart and it becomes difficult to dismantle.


How do we move from that place of feeling shut down into the wide-open space necessary to create? How to crack open the heart to the full range of our emotions, including pain and grief?


Time and space, of course.


What if we could escape for one quiet afternoon out of the city, to sit in silence and write, to create enough space to get beyond our thoughts and running list of projects and simply feel our feelings?


On Sunday, November 22, we’ll gather at the Sacred Arts Movement Center in the Lost Pines area for an afternoon of

  • silence and stillness
  • meditation and writing practice
  • group coaching around our creative struggles.


We’ll take time to be still, to breathe, to open the mind, to reconnect with the places inside us that feel out of reach inside our busy, everyday lives.


Who should attend: 

  • Artists in all fields with a desire to practice meditation and discover their big mind on the page.
  • Writers who want to learn writing practice or desiere the opportunity to practice in a group.
  • Artists and writers who feel stuck in their work.
  • Women in need of an afternoon escape.


When: Sunday, November 22, 1- 5 p.m.

Where: Sacred Arts Movement Center. (As this is a private studio, I will send address upon registration

Cost: $97 (Price goes up to $147 after November 15.)