The Heroine’s Journey for Artists



While the hero journeys for external fame, fortune and power, the heroine tries to regain her lost creative spirit

– Valerie Estelle Frankel, From Girl to Goddess

As young women we ventured into the world with plans for career and/or family. We were idealistic, with dreams of fulfillment in our work and satisfaction in creating our own homes. We were ambitious and energetic, ready to take it all on. We went to college and to graduate school, took internships and prestigious positions. Some of us were published or showed our work in galleries. Others married and had children.

At some point, however, we got sidetracked. We followed the well-intentioned advice of our elders and took the safer route toward financial security.

Or we began juggling so many tasks that something went missing: our connection to our deepest creative calling.

Now we feel a disturbing disconnect between our full creative potential and the lives we’re living.

How do we reclaim the lost pieces of our creative lives? How do we find the faith to trust the still, clear voice inside of us and forge a new path that more accurately reflects who we are now?

This fall, I’ll be leading an alternative odyssey to the hero’s quest. Rather than venture out for glory, The Heroine’s Journey is a deep dive into the stories of our lives. Celebrating past victories as well as honoring our hard-earned losses, we arrive at present reality.

In touch with our deepest desire, we set a new course to answer our highest creative calling. We unite past and present, feminine and masculine, outward action and inner work.

It is my great privilege to be your guide on this journey. In all of my professional roles – as writer, art historian, mentor, and teacher – I help women connect the dots of their creative lives and step up with work that speaks to their deepest calling. I’ve led workshops on the creative process and supported clients one-on- one for over ten years and believe in the power of this work to transform lives.

I also know what’s at stake when we don’t step up to claim our creative work. Unfulfilled callings result in anger, resentment, and sometimes illness. Some women feel guilty shaping their lives around their art. They believe they should be spending more time with their families, making home-cooked meals, or creating more income. But when you fulfill your life’s purpose by answering the creative call, not only are you a happier mother, partner, and friend, you model something for the people around you. You give them permission to answer their own call.

Each week of The Heroine’s Journey, we’ll explore a different stage of the quest with readings and writing exercises to help you:

  • dig into past experience
  • review actions you’ve taken and obstacles you’ve faced
  • acknowledge fears
  • consider mentors and role models
  • listen for what’s calling you now
  • create space to answer that calling

We’ll also hear from women (and maybe a few men) who have done the hard work of reclaiming their creative lives – or who are in the middle of that process now – and who will share their experience and advice.

Writing practice will be our mode of transportation, our way into our stories. In writing practice, we let go of ego and allow first thoughts to arise and guide us. The truth arrives from somewhere beyond us, bringing us face to face with what is, and points the way to the next right action.

I will give instruction and guidance for writing practice throughout the eight weeks, but this is not a course about honing our writing skills. You don’t have to be a writer to participate.

The Heroine’s Journey is open to artists in all media, anyone with a deep desire to reclaim their creative work and calling.

On eight consecutive Mondays, beginning September 12, you’ll receive a lesson and several questions to answer in your writing practice.

On Fridays we’ll gather on our Facebook Forum to share our discoveries and support one another.

Three times we’ll gather “live” to connect, celebrate, share our stories and struggles, and ask questions. I’ve tentatively set the dates for the following Monday evenings, 7 p.m., Central Standard Time: September 19, October 10, October 24.

Investment in yourself: $497


“The Heroine’s Journey helped pull the broken or seemingly disconnected aspects of my life and career into one piece and healed old wounds in the process. The writing assignments and deadlines brought me face to face with choices that steered me away from my path as a young woman, as well other barriers and obstacles. The writing assignments helped me see/feel/understand my path on a deeper level than I ever have before. There is something important about sharing your story in a safe place that helps with the healing, as well as the connection with the other women in the group. Saundra is a firm and gentle guide, whom I trusted to shepherd us through the journey. When I stepped out on the other side, I felt it was all okay.”

–Sheree Scarborough, writer, oral historian, and founder of Tell Me Your Story

“When I began the Heroine’s Journey, I was trying to jump into a new writing style and wasn’t sure how to get started. I was also trying to find the time to return to a regular writing practice after a break with small children at home. On top of that, I struggled with whether writing was still what I wanted to do because it wasn’t coming easily. Through working with Saundra, I figured out that I do want to write, and that it’s possible for me to have a writing life again in a different format, and I learned concrete examples of how this could happen. I also gained something that is so tough to learn on one’s own: that it might take time and lots of tiny steps to make things happen, but I can make it happen if I set a plan that allows lots of time and leeway for myself during a busy time in my life. The Heroine’s Journey is a great way to find a writing or creative community and to get past a block, get started in a creative endeavor, or decide if you want a career change.”

– Andrea Nenque, Journalist


“The most useful aspect of the course for me was taking the difficult journey back to times in my life that had been buried for so many years. In sharing these memories with our small group, I also had the opportunity to hear other heroine’s stories. This helped me put my own story into perspective and realize that no one had a perfect life, and we lived through it. Saundra helped us to see where we had been and guided us on how to go from this point forward in pursuing our creative lives. Through the process I became aware of the importance of giving myself space to let creativity flow by planning time away to write and make Artist’s Dates for myself. In connecting with other writers and artists I began to understand how each person creates that space. After going through the Heroine’s Journey, I see the value of taking care of myself and creating conditions for the creative side of me to be unleashed.”

– Joy Huebel, Educator


The Heroine’s Journey for Artists

Admission: $497