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Woman relaxing on beach at sunset


Woman relaxing on beach at sunset


What would you say to 365 days of wildly imperfect practice in 2018? 


I posed this question to my Continuous Practice Group and to other friends on Facebook, and it seems to have resonated. Here are a few of the responses I’ve received:


  • This makes me happy.
  • It’s time.
  • I’m in – wildly imperfect
  • I can commit to “wildly imperfect”
  • Now that is a standard which I may be able to achieve with some effort.
  • I am wildly imperfect – this is made for me!!!
  • I think I can be wildly imperfect.
  • A wildly imperfect continuous practice for an all too imperfect me! I might just be able to wrap my head around this.
  •  I LOVE it!


What if we started the new year with the commitment to daily practice and at the same time committed to letting ourselves off the hook for practicing imperfectly?


I think we can step back from ego a bit if we stop making Continuous Practice into test. No way to get an A, or even a pass or fail. This is is not a race or a competition.


What if we simply show up with kindness and compassion when we miss a day or a week or even a month?  What if we remember that practice is always about this moment and that we can return at any time?


I am working on some parameters and guidelines for this 365-day practice period and I’d love to have your input.  But also, ask yourself now what you could commit to for a full year. Something simple and sustainable is best


What might Continuous Practice add to your life?  Consider this post on Creating a Safe Harbor and see if it resonates with you.