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Pretty young teenage girl relaxing on a grass


Pretty young teenage girl relaxing on a grass


I’ve never been a big fan of Mother’s Day. Before I became a mom, I had visions of lazing about while my husband and child pampered me with good books, good chocolate, and girly bath items. I fantasized about the acknowledgment and gratitude for a job well done.


I’m not sure where I got this idea. Hallmark? ABC after school special? Certainly not from my mother, who always grumbled about it being “Grandma’s Mother’s Day.”


On my first Mother’s Day I learned that the holiday usually involves a lot of mothering, especially with little ones. They seem to need you more and want to spend every waking moment of the day physically attached to you.


As my mother-in-law was fond of saying, “For all this, every year you get a card.”


My mother-in-law knew the physical tax of being a mother and empathized. She would walk into my house, take one look at me, and say, “Daughter, you look tired. Every day you need you need to stop and get off your feet.”


I would wave her off, too attached to being Wonder Woman back then, jumping from work to mothering and back again throughout the day. But then I started having chronic pain in my feet, and her words turned out to be prophetic.


There are many times each day I need to put up my feet.


On other days, my mother-in-law would walk through my door, take both of my hands in hers, and look into my eyes. Skipping right over “hello,” she would warn me, “You take care of yourself and God will take care of you.”


It took me a long time and many ailments to get that one through my head, but I can tell you that the more attention I give to my health and well-being, the more the universe opens. Work grows, relationships deepen. And after years of being nearly incapacitated, I’m healing.


When I say I’m taking care of myself, I’m not only talking about eating right and getting “plenty of exercise.” Although those are good things, important things.


I’m talking about listening deeply for what the body needs and giving into it, including plenty of time and space to rest and replenish.


Time to recharge the physical, psychological and emotional batteries. Which is the inspiration for our “After’s Mother’s Day” offer at Sol Healing and Wellness.



  • Perhaps your work has been interrupted by health issues.


  • Or you have been caretaker to someone who’s been seriously ill.


  • Or maybe you have so many responsibilities and interruptions, you can’t remember where you left off with your creative work.


Give yourself over to the peace and pleasure of our home at Sol Healing and Wellness. Let us take care of you for the day.


  • Begin the day in peace with community Zazen, followed by a 90-minute coaching session with Saundra. Look at what obstacles you are facing and listen for ways to overcome them


  • Spend time in our cozy co-working space and on our peaceful grounds. Get the quiet you crave to finally focus on what matters to you.


  • Give yourself over to the healing hands of our wellness practitioners. Choose from Watsu water massage with Judy Kegg or Reiki energy work with Charla Lineman (details about these two goddesses on the sidebar).
  • Close out the day in a final meeting with Saundra. Map out what comes next in your creative work and how you will rest and restore yourself in the future.


When: Available Tuesdays and Thursdays in June and July. (Only four spots available, so book sooner rather than later.)


Special for Mother’s Day: $297


If you do not live in Austin or are traveling during the summer months, you can still take my mother-in-law’s advice: Put up your feet every day, and take good care of yourself today and always. Listen to the body, care for the mind.