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Where I am. Ten minutes. Go.


When you receive this post on Sunday, I will be in California visiting family, staying a the Embassy Suites in Burlingame at the edge of the San Francisco Bay. But I’m writing this on Wednesday, at the yoga studio at Sol Healing and Wellness Center in Austin, where I’ve been writing, practicing, and seeing clients for the past two months.


I came into the studio this morning to stretch and sit Zazen. It was so peaceful here when I was done, I grabbed my notebook and pulled my cushion to the wall. I’ve got a bolster under my legs and my notebook in my lap. I’m sitting next to the door and thinking of my dharma writing sister, Dorotea Mendoza, perched by the door of the Zendo at Mabel Dodge Luhan House, where we studied so many years with Natalie Goldberg.


Being here at Sol Healing, where I have a quiet place to write and practice, feels like coming home.


Last week I shared my long-term writing practice using the topic, “Where I am.” Many of you accepted the invitation to join me and shifted your practice for the final days of 2016. I’m grateful for your trust. If it is serving your the way it had served me, I hope you’ll continue through the first hundred days of the new  year.


The world feels more out of balance than ever, and this practice helps us stay grounded, not get too far ahead of ourselves. If you missed last week’s post, you can see it here.


Where I am. In paradise. It’s a funny story how I landed here. My client/student/friend, Liz Belile, added me to a Facebook Group for Holistic Health Workers in Austin. I had no idea why she added me and felt a bit fraudulent participating in the conversation there, although I did enjoy being in the loop about the local wellness community.


Last fall, another client and friend who had been lending me her office let me know she was going to rent out her space. I understood. She had graciously let me work there free of charge for over two years. My husband put out the word to the neighborhood email list that I was looking for an office, and we got a few bites. On a whim, I also queried the Austin Holistic Health Workers forum, and that’s how I landed at Sol Healing.


I wasn’t looking to join a wellness community, although I was already incorporating rest and self-care into my retreats and client work. The minute I stepped onto the property, however, it felt right.


But it wasn’t all serendipity that brought me to Sol Wellness Center. It also grew out of my daily practice, sitting in my living room amidst the family clutter. “Where I am” let me see what I needed: a space to write and see clients outside of the house. But more than that, I needed sanctuary, a refuge from the struggles of daily life. A place where I could rest as well as write.


I’ve been writing and practicing here for two months now. A few weeks ago, I piloted my Creative Sanctuary program. In January, I’ll begin a six month coaching program that includes a monthly Sanctuary Day at Sol Healing where we’ll practice together, work individually in the co-working space, and take a long yoga nidra nap in the yoga studio.


The program is full, but I’m looking forward to offering Solo Sanctuary Days this spring that will include energy and/or body work with some of the sublime practitioners here. If you’re planning to be in Austin and want to spend the day with me mapping out your creative work life and getting pampered, let me know and we can set something up.


In the meantime, please join me online for Continuous Practice. Start with where you are and see what unfolds over this new year.

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