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I recently sent this list to my designer, who is going to make a gorgeous opt-in offer for Creative Mix. In the meantime, I’m posting here in case you happen to be stumbling around the blog looking for some inspiration.



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  • Listen to what’s calling you. Listening is at least 50% of all creative work. Make time and space for silence. Find ways to clear the clutter from your mind. Ask yourself what’s calling and wait for a response.


  • Explore ways to create income that energize. Avoid work that drains your creative energy. Dare to drop work that sucks your soul.


  • Love your friends and family. Be present for them when they need you. Celebrate every opportunity you get. But don’t let family obligation eat you alive. Learn to say no to the ones you love—including your precious children.


  • Build a practice. Meditation, writing practice, yoga, whatever you can commit to. Find something you can every day, no matter what. Practice teaches that no matter how many times we drift away, we can always return – to the breath, to the page, to the mat.


  • Take exquisite care of yourself. Julia Cameron says, “Treating yourself like a precious object will make you strong.” Take warm baths with salts and aromatherapy. Invest in sleep solutions for yourself and your family. Check in with yourself throughout the day and ask what you need to do to take care.


  • Fill the well. Get out of the house. Explore new neighborhoods or go to a museum. Listen to great music, read great books, see live performances. This is oxygen for artists.


  • Promote yourself. Few of us want to, but think of it this way: When you stand up for yourself, you stand up for all women in the arts. Get out there and show us what you’re doing. Inspire and encourage us to do the same.


  • Build community. Real community with sister travellers, who lift you up. Share your creative challenges and celebrations. Meet an artist friend for coffee. Attend a meet-up or start your own.


  • Contribute to your community. Don’t give yourself away until there is nothing left, but don’t hoard your time either. Find a way to contribute that feels right for you.


  • Build a foundation, a solid structure to support your creative calling. Put your creative work on your calendar first and build the rest of your life around it.


  • Consciously build habits. Learn how good habits are formed and bad ones are broken. When you have a routine based on habit, you eliminate decisions, save energy, and get more work done.


  • Create a sense of space in your life. Don’t overbook your days or your weeks. Leave blank spaces in your calendar. Schedule days off and commit to them.


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