Make Something Happen and Other Takeaways from CM interivew with Talia Bryce

Talia with Tym and Celia

Talia with Tym and Celia

When Talia Bryce picks up her guitar and sings, you sense she was born to play bluegrass, despite the fact she grew up on the upper west side of Manhattan. Wearing a summer dress and cowboy boots, she leans into the microphone and a wide grin breaks over her face. Bluegrass is happy music and playing it clearly brings her joy. Since forming The Lost Pines named after thirteen miles of forest in Central Texas, Talia has shepherded her band to the stage, built a booking agency for other Bluegrass bands, and started a family.

I was impressed with Talia’s story, the way she fell into bluegrass and jumped into the Austin music scene, her generous spirit in building her business, Bouquet Bands, which supports other musicians, and the farm festival she created. Beyond that I fell in love with the way she was building her life around family and playing music, her creative partnership with her husband, and their shared vision of how they could make their lives work together.

Here are the takeaways from my interview with Talia:

  1. Take promotion and placement into your own hands. Make something happen for yourself.
  1. Build a business that supports artists in your genre.
  1. Hold events that benefit your community. Create connections by serving those in need.
  1. Keep your instruments/materials where you can see them and pick them up. Let them be a reminder of your intention to create.
  1. Ask for Help. People like to give advice, share their expertise. Let them.

To see full interview with Talia, click here

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