Let’s Practice Together in 2015

Continuous Practice Day One



Last fall I began working on an opt-in offer for Creative Mix, what I thought would be a list of building blocks for a creative life. When I sat down to sketch the components, I found myself  drawing a grid.


As a longtime student of art history, I knew that underneath a chaotic surface, there was often a solid structure, a grid the artist used to hold the work together. Likewise, the various components of our life can be supported by a good structure.


The prototype grid is on the website, but you can expect it to be dolled up considerably once my designer, Holly Moxley, gets ahold of it. And it will be annotated. My opt-in offer will be ready in March. In the meantime, I’m devoting each month of the year to different topic of the grid.


January will be all about practice.


As some of you know, I like to assign coffee practice to my individual clients. Often they complain of not having time or space for writing practice, either because they have full-time jobs or because their families (usually husbands) are hanging around the house. To take the pressure off, I suggest they go to their favorite coffee shop, order a warm, frothy drink, and write for twenty minutes without expectation or agenda. They love having permission to get out and relax with writing.

Since I lost my studio in September, I’ve been indulging in coffee practice regularly, often posting photographs of my notebook and coffee mugs on Facebook. Inspired by the #365 projects of Marisa Glaser Goudy, I’m making coffee practice into an official daily project. Last year Marisa took part in #365feministselfie, creating daily self-portraits, without embellishment. Marisa posted photographs of herself  tired and pregnant, then cozy while nursing, then working on her computer with baby strapped to her chest–never posed, never made up unless she was made up for an occasion. You can read what Marisa learned from #365feministselfie and her recommendations for your #365 project here.


In 2015 I will write for 20 minutes a day, document the time and location of my practice, and post on Facebook, Google+, and Instagram, using the hashtag, #continuouspractice. 

I would love for you to join me.


You can do writing practice or meditation or drawing practice or feminist selfies or whatever you choose. The only conditions: no editing and no judgment. Set a number of days you want to commit to practice and show up.


If you have a regular practice and join a community of practice,




If you want to create a regular practice and seek support,


This project is perfect for you.


Looking forward to a year of making art, being present to our lives and loved ones, and finding creative  means of livelihood.



13 thoughts on “Let’s Practice Together in 2015

  1. Alice Hawkins

    I’d love to join the 365 continuos practice. But what if I have more than one area?

    Writing – 20 minutes
    meditation – 20 minutes
    yoga – twenty minutes
    photoselfie – why not ?

    In that order.

    1. Saundra Goldman Post author


      Wonderful to have you aboard. My suggestions is to either pick one practice for the project OR alternate which practice you post each day. But it’s up to you. Whatever supports you and your practice and work in this world.

      All best,


  2. Beth Howard

    Saundra, this is such a wonderful idea and opportunity. I did consciously choose four practices to focus on for 2015, with the priority being 20 minutes of seated meditation every day. But, also to read, write and exercise most days, too. I am recording my practice each in an “old-school” desk planner, very low-tech, and using a set of colorful Le Pens (a gift from a friend) with a different color pen for each practice. This makes it very easy to see what I am doing/not doing each day and week.

    For me, I find it is best to minimize my time on-line. I feel that I already lose so much time each day just trying to keep up with e-mail correspondence. My goal is to preserve more time for writing practice and to complete more writing projects for submission. I have enjoyed getting a peak at your practice though, when you post photos on Facebook.

    Wishing you all the best in 2015 and great success with your #365 project!

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  4. Rey DeVeau

    Hello Saundra! I once tried to commit to a writing class you were offering many moons ago with a friend of mine, Taline Manassian, and I am sorry to say that life got too busy so I did not complete it. Taline did and she still loves your work. She has been posting her 20 minute of day photos and she has inspired me to try to get back into journaling. I hope to start today for the remainder of the year to commit to 20 minutes of writing a day.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my journaling when Jeanne Guy got me started in her writing class I took back in 2008 (I believe) where we focused on The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron . . . again a class Taline and I took together.

    You are an inspiration for many and I thank you for the opportunity to spearhead this incredible idea that will hopefully get me excited about writing again.

    Blessing to you in 2015! Have an awesome year!

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  7. Christine Ritenis

    Saundra, thanks for the idea and inspiration. Today will be Day 12, and I’m loving it. Looking back, I’ve written about my family and dogs, nature, sadness, Chinese fortunes, and illness as well as found new ideas to explore in my work. I’ve allowed myself to use some of the time to pursue submission opportunities. The freedom of choice–the chance to play–is what works for me, and I’m sure that 20 minutes (or more) of daily practice will relieve the guilt I often feel about not carving out writing time. I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming days and weeks. I don’t plan to post every day, but I will provide intermittent status reports on Twitter and FB. Thanks again and all the best, Christine

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