Keep Going

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Dear Friends,


For over three years, I’ve been sending out posts every Sunday morning, without fail. Every week I’ve scoured my life and the lives of my students and clients for insight and inspiration to share with you.


Often I feel like giving up. I’m not sure if it’s doing anyone any good. Plus It takes so much time, energy, and perseverance.


Friday, I was sitting in my office overlooking the garden at Sol Healing and Wellness and I thought to myself, I have nothing to say.


All I wanted to do was sit quietly and watch the hummingbirds drink from the yellow bells in the garden.


The summers in Austin are excruciating for me. The heat and humidity make my autoimmune symptoms flare.


My house has been overtaken by mountains of clutter. The college girl who helps me run my errands won’t be available again until July. No one in my house is getting enough sleep.


I have so much I want to accomplish. I need to get the next one hundred pages of my manuscript to the reader I’ve hired by July 6th. I’m looking for a new agent, and the Agents and Editors conference takes place during the weekend of July 1st. I have to go to Dallas on Sunday.


I have only one thing to share with you this week: Whatever you’re working on, whatever that dream project is that has you tied up in knots, keep going.


Ask for the support of your family and friends. Say “no” to everything you can, including your adorable children, especially the grown-up ones. Set clear boundaries and stick to them.


  • Listen to what’s calling.


  • Trust yourself.


  • Do not give up.


I’ve been working on the same book for more years than I like to admit. Three years ago, I put the project away for good. And then two years ago, I locked myself in a Santa Fe casita and found the direction and structure I needed to go forward. I’m 200 plus pages into the new draft.


Some days, it feels impossible. I don’t think I can look at my manuscript another minute. But I’m going to keep going.


I want you to keep going, too.


There’s no turning back. Quitting is not an option.


You won’t have enough time. You’ll run out of steam. Your kids and your partner and your parents will keep pushing at the boundaries you’ve set.


Keep going.


June is a crazy month. Kids are out of school, and summer pleasures call. But it’s also a fertile month for creative work. Look around at the last flowers of spring — in Austin, we have the yellow bells and also Oleander, Lantana, and Pride of Barbados. Tomatoes are growing in my neighbor’s yard.


Keep going.


August, with its brown grass and its stale air will be here soon enough. Then we’ll all need to rest.


But’s it’s June 18th. Father’s Day. Show the men in your life that you love them.


Then keep going.


I’ll be running alongside you. I’ll see you out there.


My best to each of you,




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