Grateful for You



Thursday evening, as Shira’s last full week at OCDI Jr. was coming to a close, a double rainbow appeared over Cranberry Pond. We took it as a sign. We have received many blessings in coming to Middleboro and we understood we would be blessed going home.


As we head into Thanksgiving week, please know how grateful I am for your presence in my life.


  • To those of you who replied to my weekly emails with words of encouragement and kindness
  • To everyone who participated in Continuous Practice, especially those who held the space while I was otherwise occupied
  • To the women of Heroine’s Journey, who stepped up to reclaim their creative lives
  • And to the women of the Creative Sanctuary Coaching Collective, who showed up month after month to cut through what was holding them back




  • To the friends who checked in on us via text and email
  • To the friends who phoned to connect personally
  • To the friends and family who sent care packages of food and warm clothing
  • And to the friends who sent poems and prayers




  • To the innkeeper at Cranberry Pond for sharing her home and looking after us
  • To the land of Southeastern Massachusetts — to the ponds and the bogs and the morning mist
  • To the town of Middleboro, for showing us a way of life and culture distinct from our liberal bubble in Austin, Texas
  • And to the Middleboro Public Library for giving me a place to write and dream during a few long and dreary weeks when we had to leave Cranberry Pond




  • To my daughter, who showed me what real courage looks like
  • To the team at McLean OCDI Jr. for devoting their professional lives to these children and never giving up on them
  • To the healers, To the healers, To the healers




There are so many ways to give this time of the year, so many ways to express gratitude. But also remember that your creative work is a calling and a gift the world needs.


Please keep going with your projects. The work you are doing matters.



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