Where do you draw strength and sustenance?

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Following last week’s post describing my current chaos, I heard from so many of you. Thank you for your kind words and support.


One old friend and student suggested that my individual chaos might reflect the greater chaos in our country. I believe he was referring to the current state of our government.


It’s hard read the news without the crazy sinking in at some level.


At the same time, the planet is in chaos. The very ground from which we draw daily nourishment is suffering. How do we ignore the climbing temperatures, the news of melting ice caps and disappearing species?


And yet, the culture demands we keep going. We have rent or house payments due, and our children need school supplies for the coming academic year.


Where do we draw strength and sustenance? How do we fill the well for our creative work?


We can start by aligning with the season. Late summer. August. Lazy days and vacations drawing to a close. Fall looming, but not yet arrived.


It is an in between time, which can be disorienting. But it also the perfect time to let go.


For me and for most of my clients, August is a time to rest and restore, to make space for what’s next, whether that be a return to a big project you’ve put a aside or beginning something new.  It is a time to acknowledge that we’re spent and that we cannot continue until we replenish


The kids will be out of the house soon enough. Our regular schedules will resume. We can prepare by making space.


Here are a few things that are helping me move through these late days of summer. Borrow what’s useful and/or make your own list.


Savoring early mornings when my family is asleep. The alarm clock will dictate our days soon enough. The quiet hours before daylight are a haven, a time to read, write, and dream.


Gathering support to navigate my life. I’ve hired an extra pair of loving hands to hold my family in time of need. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ve been sitting Zazen with my Sol Healing and Wellness Community.


Listening deeply to my body. Resting. Yoga nidra as needed. Napping when necessary. Eating a variety of whole foods, drinking plenty of water.


Letting the world come home, as Natalie Goldberg has taught. Not to grab, but to wait. To trust deeply in the wisdom of body and mind, knowing when it is time to act and when it is time to refrain from action.


What are your plans for August? How can you reframe your days in accordance with the season? How will you rest and restore for what is to come?

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