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During our middle years, we can find ourselves at a crossroads. 

Despite the fact that we have lived, created, and accomplished much, when we look back on our careers, we feel fragmented. Our choices seem random, and we wonder if we’ve missed our true calling.

We’ve chosen work we loved, become artists despite the urgings of loved ones and well-meaning friends. But we’ve been interrupted by other dreams, by obligations, by the need to create income for ourselves and for our families.

But now a new project beckons. How do we move beyond the old obstacles, both exterior and interior, and manifest the work that is calling us?


The Art/Life Mentoring Program offers an opportunity to see the larger picture of your creative life, integrating past achievement with present desire. We look at the trajectory of your career and find patterns, listening deeply for what drives you.


What if this was the moment when confusion and fear gave way to direction and resolve? What if your life has been building toward this moment to manifest the best within you?


The Art/Life Mentoring Program is a journey toward clarity and commitment to your creative dreams. Here’s how it works:


Week One: The Excavation Interview takes you on a deep dive into your past. You talk and I listen, gently guiding you to connect the dots of your experience and accomplishments. This can take one or two hours, depending on the individual. We meet either in my office or online. I inquire, you respond. You follow your mind wherever it takes you. I get us back on track as needed. As obstacles surface, we find solutions, a few key steps to get you get you on track and let the journey begin.


Photo by Edgar ValdesPhoto by Edgar Valdes


Week Two: Overview of Excavation Interview and Preliminary Plan. At this meeting you receive two documents. The highlights from your Excavation Interview reflect moments of strength and clarity, when you’ve touched on your deepest truths. These gems of recognition come as a gift and may indicate your true calling. You also receive a summary statement that pulls together your history, pointing out patterns and themes in your life and work. This document also includes a list of recommendations about how to proceed with your projects.


Once we establish the connections in your life and work and agree on a frame or focus, we can navigate the future. You can move forward deliberately, making choices about art and a life in accordance with your true self and calling.


Weeks Three and Four. Project Planning. Here is where we get down to business, creating a calendar that acknowledges your creative work as your calling and highest responsibility. We continue to talk about obstacles and find ways to overcome them. And we take concrete steps to getting the work you see, sense, and feel within you, out into the world



  • You are at a crossroads in your creative life, wondering how to move forward.

  • You have a project that is calling you, but can’t see beyond the obstacles of your obligations.

  • You have been working in the arts for a minimum of five years.

  • You are ready to step up and take yourself and your work seriously.



Structure: Four meetings over three months. The Excavation Interview takes anywhere between one and two hours. Subsequent meetings last between 75 and 90 minutes.

Where: Austin clients meet at my office. Out of state clients meet online.

When: I hold office hours on Fridays, but make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.

How much: $699


To find our true calling we have to connect the dots and understand that each leg of the journey has been essential to the work we are called to write now.

What if you could see your creative calling in the connections between your past work and present desire, and build your life around that calling?


Because the work is labor-intensive, I take on only a few clients at a time. Contact me directly ( to see if the Art/Life Mentoring Program is the right fit for you and to hold your place in the queue.



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