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Photo by Edgar Valdes – www.edgarvaldesphoto.com

Creative Mix is a curated online studio for and about women stirring up new visions of the artist’s life, offering ideas and inspiration from successful artists, past and present.

Saundra Goldman is a writer, art historian, and ethnographer, searching for patterns in artist’s lives and creative work. She is a curator of art and ideas, a mentor, and a teacher. Through her website and blog, her courses, and one-on-one mentoring, Saundra helps women connect the dots of their creative lives and step up with work that speaks to their deepest calling. And she follows up with simple steps and strategies to manifest that work and build a life that supports it.


What if you could see your creative calling in the connections between your past work and present desire, and build your life around that calling?


Saundra’s Credo:

I am a champion for women in the arts.

I believe each of us has a creative calling and that it is our job to answer that call.

I create the conditions to hear the call and help you build a life that supports it.

I believe that art, life & livelihood can be well blended rather than in constant conflict.